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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Arrival Time Before Departure

What time do I need to arrive before my departure?

Due to heightened security measures, you should allow more time for check-in, security screening and boarding.  Contact your airline for specific time recommendations.

2. Curbside Check-in, Pick-up and Drop-off   

What are the restrictions for curbside check-in?

Curbside check-in is being offered by all airlines.  We recommended that you contact your airline for further specifics.  

What are the restrictions for curbside pick-up and drop-off?

You can be picked up and dropped off along the curbside, but no unattended vehicles are allowed in front of the terminal building.  This includes all lanes on the ticketing level and baggage claim level.  Passengers checking in luggage at curbside are not excluded from this.  
3. Smoking   

Charlotte Douglas International is a smoke- free facility. Smoking is prohibited in all public areas, which includes all restaurants and bars.  The smoke-free policy does not impact airline clubs, which are considered non-public areas.

Smokers on the front curb of the terminal are encouraged to use courtesy areas on each end of Baggage Claim and Ticketing levels.

4. Carry-on Items

How many carry-on items are passengers allowed to take on the aircraft? 

Passengers are limited to one carry-on item along with one personal item, such as a purse or briefcase.

How can I find out if my luggage is too large to carry on the plane?

You should contact your airline for their carry-on luggage policies.
5. Security Regulations  

What do I need to know about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations before coming to the airport?

Before leaving home, passengers should be aware of the security regulations mandated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  On their web site, you will find a list of permitted and prohibited items. Click here for the TSA' latest information. 

6. Passengers with Special Considerations and Needs

My sister is restricted to a wheelchair.  How can I make
arrangements to get her to and from the gate if non-ticketed
passengers are not allowed through the checkpoints?
*It is recommended that you or your sister notify the airline that special assistance will be required.
*It is recommended that one of you notify the airline if she needs an airline representative to accompany/help her to the gate.
*It is recommended that one of you check with the airline on the procedure for getting a pass/authorization for you, the companion/assistant, to accompany her through the security checkpoint and to her gate.

*The same rule applies for minors and senior citizens needing special assistance or an escort to and from the gate. 

Since non-ticketed passengers are not allowed beyond the airport's security checkpoints, what type of arrangements can be made for my 8 year old son who is traveling alone next week? 
Arrangements can be made through your son's individual airline.  Please contact the airline to make special arrangements for assistance and to learn the airline's unaccompanied minor policies.

7. Parking/Shuttles  

What are the current parking rates?   
Hourly Parking:  Free for the first 30 minutes, 
                          $1 each additional half hour
                          $16 daily maximum 

Daily Parking:   $1 per hour
                         $6 daily maximum 
Remote Parking: $6 per day

Long Term Parking: $4 per day

Overflow Parking: $10 flat fee 

Curbside Valet Parking:  $4 first 30 minutes
                                      $1 each additional 30  minutes
                                      $19 daily maximum rate

Business Valet:      $4 for the first 30 minutes
                              $1 for each additional 30 minutes
                              $10 per day   
*Complimentary shuttle bus service is available to and from Daily, Remote and Long Term lots.  Please call 704-359-4055 for special assistance.

Click here for additional parking information or call Airport Parking at 704-359-4038.

Customers who are dropping off or picking up travelers are encouraged to park in the Hourly Parking Deck.  

When do Parking Shuttle Buses begin operating?

All shuttles begin operating at 5:00 AM.  However, there are always drivers on standby.  If you need to make special arrangements, please call Airport Parking at 704-359-4038 in advance.  

8. Meeting/Picking up Passengers

My friend is flying through the airport and will have a three-hour layover.  Where can I meet her since non-ticketed passengers are not allowed through the security checkpoints?

Although non-ticketed passengers are not allowed through the checkpoints, they are still allowed in the areas prior to the checkpoints.  These areas include the upper ticketing level and the lower baggage claim level.

Where is the best place to pick-up my friend?

If you are meeting a passenger for pick-up inside the terminal, you should meet on the lower baggage claim level.  Check with the Welcome Center, which is a circular desk located in the center of the baggage claim area, for arrival and baggage information for the passenger you are picking up.

9. Lost and Found

I left my jacket on the airplane, how can I find it?
If an item is left on the airplane or in the gate area of the concourse, it must be obtained through the airline.  
For all other items, please contact Airport Lost and Found at 704-359-4012.

10. Contact Information  
What is Charlotte Douglas International Airport's contact

If you have a question, comment or concern that you would like addressed, you can email us at

You will be responded to during traditional business hours
(Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m, Eastern Time).
Mailing Address:
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Aviation Director's Office
Post Office Box 19066
Charlotte, NC 28219

Shipping Address:
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Aviation Director's Office
5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28208
If you need information immediately, please contact CLT through our information number 704-359-4013, or other numbers listed below...
Airport Information: 704-359-4013

Aviation Department / Main Switchboard: 704-359-4000

Toll Free: I-800-FLY-CDIA

Airport Administration Fax: 704-359-4030 

Airport Paging & Information: 704-359-4013

Airport Welcome Center: 704-359-4027

Airport Lost & Found:  More Information

Airport Law Enforcement & Emergency: 704-359-4012

Airport Parking: 704-359-4038

Airlines: See Individual Airlines

Rental Cars: See Individual Companies

Transportation Security Administration (TSA),
Charlotte Airport Office: 704-359-5190

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