Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Ground Transportation.

Call 704-FLY-5555

Airport Code: CLT

Taxi Service
Taxi service is available curbside, on the Baggage Claim level. An attendant is on duty from 6:45 a.m.-12:15 a.m. All rates below are for up to two passengers. 
Meter Rates
Drop Charge  
$2.00 (No Mileage)
Mileage Rate
$ .40 per each 1/5th mile
Mileage Rate Outside City
$2.00 per mile
*Whenever vehicle speed falls under 15 miles per hour, time rate is charged instead of mileage rate.
Additional Charges
Moving Charge
Additional Passengers
(No charge for children under 3 years of age)
$2.00 each after 2
Zone Rates  (For approved Airport Taxis only)
Airport-Center City
Plus $1 gas surcharge
Airport Local 
(three mile radius) 
$12.00 minimum
Plus $1 gas surcharge
Airport permitted handicapped accessible taxis are available through the following companies: Nation, American and Eagle. 
For information about other destinations or residences outside of Charlotte, please refer to the on-duty attendant.